Hello There!

I am Carla Arditi but you can just call me Carla (or Diti, depending on where you first get to know me). I was born and raised in Jakarta.

I lived in the UK for a while before moving back home. Until now. 

I used to have a blog when I was a student years ago but real life took over and now I want to start again. I hope I can use this space to free up my head especially during this pandemic and work-from-home.

This place will be filled with my stories, life experiences, travelling and thoughts. 


in a nutshell




as a traveller

First of all, the meaning of my family name is “wanderer”. It really reflects how my family loves travelling. My first plane ride was when I was 3 months old and my first long trip to Europe was when I was 2 years old.

Since then, nearly every year we would travel during the summer holiday and/or winter holiday. During our family trip, usually I’m in charge of navigation. When I got tired or sleepy, sometimes we ended up lost in the middle of nowhere in Dusseldorf or stuck in a narrow alley blocked by a herd of sheep in Scotland. However, most of the time I’m an awesome navigator.

As you might guess, mostly I travel with my family but I also love to travel with friends or on my own. 

Up until now, I’ve been to 32 countries and hopefully I can add more countries into my list.

You can check on my list here.

as a mathematician

I fall in love with Mathematics since elementary school. During junior high school, I got to meet several people who influenced me into loving the subject ever more (my junior high Maths teacher and my Maths private tutor).

My love for Maths continues and I ended with BA (Hons) in Mathematics with Drama & Teatre Studies and MSc in Mathematics.

Currently I’m working in a Global Market Research Company. Somewhat connected with Maths. 

as a fangirl

Another side of me is a fangirl.

It is a way for me to get through all the hardship in real life. So, I would be so pissed if anyone comment on this hobby of mine. 

I am an Arashian (fan of ARASHI) for more than half of my life. Through them I get to know a lot of friends that I can even call bestfriends. I am always grateful to be their fan.

When I was still in uni, we (me and my friends in Indonesia) created a community of ARASHI fan in Indonesia called I no ARASHI. Until now, we’re still up and running! 

Other than ARASHI, I also love a lot other groups. Currently (just like any other people in the world),  I am into some KPOP groups/singers. So, you might see my posts about their concerts or fanmeetings.

Check here to get to know more about me as fangirl.

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