Arashi will be on hiatus in 2021

The saddest phrase for all ARASHIAN in the world. Our dearest group will take a break for a bit. It might be temporary but they still don’t know when they’re coming back. We first heard about this news in 27 January 2019 when they announced it via Johnny’s Family Club video message and a press conference. It was heartbreaking for most of us who got their life boost from the boys but at the same time it is understandable.

So, today mark the 100 days before the last day before hiatus (31 December 2020). I am planning to do a one-ARASHI-post-a-day for 100 days. Hopefully I can do this as I can’t seem to be able to stick to my “Quarantine Challenges” during the earlier lock-down situation.I will write random thoughts or stories about ARASHI (and me) anytime I miss them.

Anyway, now let’s talk about how I am since the hiatus announcement.

To be honest, I was in and out of the fandom since 2011 when I came back to Jakarta and start adulting. I never leave the fandom but I didn’t really watch much of their TV Shows or Dramas. I still went to some of the fan gathering and listen to their older songs but not as much as when I was still a student. Even so, I still went to their 2015 concert in Tokyo tho! (More about this in other post)

However, since that day in January 2019…I joined the fanclub. Something that I always postponed of doing since 2002 with a lot of excuses. I search on their new songs and start listening to them again, downloaded their TV Shows and Drama again and went for an ARASHI-binge session just like the old days.

The feeling is still the same. They are still the same. Although when I first got introduced to ARASHI, they’re not big. Only a bunch of us are their fans. Now, they are already considered as a J-Pop Legend. Not only as a group but as an individual. Everyone know who they are. Everyone called them by their nickname.

This reminds me of what my friend said during our talk while preparing for items for ARASHI JETSTORM in Jakarta (more about this in other post as well)…

ARASHI is home. We went away for a while…either for real life matters or other fandom, but we always come back to ARASHI.

No matter how long you’re away, the fandom and ARASHI will welcome you with open arms. When you’re back, it felt like you’ve never left. It’s familiar. It’s home.

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